People We Meet on Vacation [PDF] – Emily Henry

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people we meet on vacation book by Emily Henry

Title: People We Meet on Vacation
Author: Emily Henry
Originally Published: 2021
No of Pages: 369
Genre: Romance


Ten summer vacations. Two best friends. One last shot for falling in love.

Alex and Poppy. Poppy and Alex. They don’t have anything in common. He dresses in khakis whereas she is a wild child. He loves to stay at home with a book whereas she has an unquenchable wanderlust. And they’ve been the best of friends since a disastrous car ride home from college many years ago. They live apart for the majority of the year—she in New York City, he in their little hometown—but every summer for the past decade, they have had one lovely week of vacation together.

Until they damaged everything two years ago. They haven’t spoken since.

Poppy has all she needs, yet she’s stuck in a rut. When someone asks her when she was last truly happy, she knows it was on that fateful, final vacation with Alex. So she resolves to persuade her best friend to go on one more trip with her—to lay everything on the table and make it all right. He miraculously agrees.

She now has one week to correct everything. If only she could get around the one major reality that has always lurked in the background of their seemingly ideal relationship. What possibly could go wrong?

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