Twisted Love by Ana Huang Pdf (Book #1)

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twisted love by Ana Huang

Title: Twisted Love (Twisted #1) 
Series: Twisted
Author: Ana Huang 
Originally Published: 2021
No of Pages: 312
Genre: Romance

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Ana Huang’s Twisted Love (2021) is a new adult contemporary romance. It is the first book in the Twisted series, which consists of four intertwined love tales centered on the lives of four friends: Ava, Bridget, Jules, and Stella. The book is a USA Today, Publishers Weekly, and IndieReader bestseller in addition to being a TikTok success.

He has a heart of ice…but for her, he’d burn the world.

Alex Volkov is a devil cursed with an angel’s face and a past he can’t escape.

His merciless pursuits for success and retribution, fueled by a tragedy that has haunted him for the majority of his life, leave little place for issues of the heart.

However, when he is compelled to care for his closest friend’s sister, he begins to feel something in his chest:

A split.

A melt.

A fire that had the potential to destroy his entire universe.

Ava Chen is a free spirit enslaved by nightmares from childhood she cannot recall.

Despite her difficult past, she has never ceased finding the beauty in the world…featuring the frigid exterior of a man she shouldn’t want.

Her brother’s best friend.

Her next-door neighbor.

Her savior and her undoing.

Theirs is a love that should never have happened, but when it does, it reveals secrets that could ruin them both…and all they cherish.

Twisted Love is the best friend of a brother/opposites attract romance with a dash of suspense. It is the first novel in the Twisted series, but it may also be read as a standalone.

WARNING: There is a possessive alpha/antihero, explicit sexual themes, and profanity in this book.


The plot is full of clichés, predictable, and not what we would call original, but it still has that allure that draws you in. So congratulations to the author for turning this simple yet twisted dramatic story into an addiction that I’m pleased I tried.

Alex Volkov is all the synopsis says he is: possessive, alpha/antihero, cold-hearted, heartless, grouchy, dangerously attractive, with an IQ as enormous as his ego, and bloody rich.

But it’s his past that makes him more human, as well as insane with vengeance. Someone murdered his family when he was a child, and he committed his life to identifying that person and exacting revenge.

He’s almost there, but Ava keeps him sidetracked. She caused him to crack, feel, and fall in love, which changed his priorities.

Ava Chen is attractive, bright, and full of life, and despite having a hard childhood, she always recognized the beauty in people and life. She has no recollection of her childhood, she has night terrors every day, and yet she never lets them mar her joy of life. I could see how she was the only one who saw anything positive in Alex and was determined to help him feel something.

Hatred, vengeance, and filthy sex scenes abound in the novel. It frequently created the impression of mafia romance. What I enjoyed the most were the discoveries about both characters’ pasts. It helped me understand them better and see why they were the way they were, particularly Alex.

It was fascinating to witness how Alex’s armor gradually wore away and how he opened himself up to sensations and emotions. I admired Ava’s strength and bravery, as well as her ability to develop independence and overcome her anxiety.

Ava’s friendship with Stella, Jules, and Bridget is another highlight of the novel. I like how helpful and caring they were. I’m so thrilled I’ll be able to read all of their stories in this series. Sibling relationships are beautiful. I liked Josh right away because of his love for Ava and his protective nature. I can’t wait to read about him and Jules.

The romance is depicted more in lovely phrases, but otherwise, it’s all steamy sex sequences; I don’t mind open-door moments, but these were nearly 50 shades and a little awkward for me; the ‘Twisted’ part of the term suddenly makes sense.

As I already stated, most of the twists and turns were predictable, and I could see disclosures about both characters’ pasts coming, yet I was nonetheless astonished by the climax. Alex’s reasoning for letting Ava leave after the climax was understandable, but I thought it was also unjust.

I was rooting for Ava at this point, and I’m so glad and proud of her for not just forgiving Alex and not bringing him back into her life without making him earn her trust and love again. That earned the book extra brownie points. The ending is satisfactory and predictable, but I must admit that I am quite interested in Bridget and Rhys’ journey.

As previously said, sex scenes were revolting. I can’t stop thinking, “Who the hell likes that?” If you can resist reading them, the plot is quite enjoyable.

Twisted Love is a dark, twisted, amusing, and seductive romance packed with clichés and drama.

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